V7/x86 Install

The distribution is supplied primarily as a small (less than 4M, compressed) CD image. Download this and burn it onto a CD. The resultant CD is bootable, and runs V7/x86 off a memory-based filesystem, ending up in a menu-driven install program. The install program handles the simple case of installing from CD to a hard disk partition.

Note that the install program expects to install to an existing V7/x86 hard disk partition. This can be created with any fdisk compatible utility that allows the partition type to be specified. The V7/x86 partition type is 0x72 (114 decimal).

Through use of a boot manager, V7/x86 can co-exist on the same machine with other x86 operating systems.

If, for one reason or another, you are unable to use the CD-based install, another approach would be to put the boot image on a floppy disk, boot from that, and use (say) the FAT (MS-DOS) filesystem utilities to transfer the distribution tarball. In this case, you would have to do most of the install "by hand", but the process is reasonably straightforward, and you can refer to the shell script the install program uses (in /usr/lib/install) to check on the steps needed.