This is a port of UNIX Version 7 to the x86 (IA-32) based PC. UNIX V7 was the last public release (around 1979) to come from the Research group at Bell Laboratories, the original home of UNIX. The port also includes several key early UCB (University of California at Berkeley) software components.

CLassic BCPL
This is a port to the x86 of an old BCPL compiler from Martin Richards and the Tripos Research Group at Cambridge University. The port includes both an interpreter and an x86 native code generator. The original software dates from around 1980.

The Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK) was originally developed at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, and had its heyday during the 1980s. Several years ago, it was released under a Berkeley-style license. This port adds support for Solaris x86 and for V7/x86.