obcpl - Classic BCPL Compiler

This is an x86 (IA-32) port of the "classic" old BCPL compiler (around 1980) from the Tripos Research Group at Cambridge University.

As a real, working computer language implementation, that can be studied, modified, and played with, this old BCPL compiler has a good deal to recommend it. The compiler frontend consists of only about 2000 lines of BCPL code, and (as supplied here) compiles to a static (fully-linked) x86 binary that is less than 36000 bytes in size.

The present distribution supplies a compiler backend (OCODE to x86 code generator), together with peephole optimizer, and reasonably extensive runtime support. A few revisions have been made to the compiler frontend -- it looks for header files in a standard location, for instance -- and the runtime incorporates support for UNIX command line arguments and error reporting. Some documentation that formed part of the original BCPL distribution tape is also included, as are a few utility programs.

Download the latest distribution file: obcpl-0.9.8.tar.xz.

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