bcpltape - a BCPL distribution from 1984

The direct source of the files that make up this distribution was a tar archive "bcpltape.tgz" that was originally made available -- around 1991, I would guess -- by Ken Yap. The archive consists of a brief README and fifty-five files named "f01" to "f75", twenty files not being present. The README notes that the supplied archive contains all the files from Martin Richards' "transport" tape with the exception of IBM360 object files. The Cambridge files have date stamps early in November 1984.

This archive contains files that do not appear among the many made available by Martin Richards in his various current distributions of BCPL and archive material. The star attraction -- at least for me -- is the BCPL porting kit using INTCODE. This is essentially the compilation system described and documented in the 1979 book, BCPL -- The Language and its Compiler by Martin Richards and Colin Whitby-Strevens.

As the original porting kit archive seemed to have dropped off the web when I went looking for it, I am making it available here. In redistributing it, I have corrected a number of character mapping problems, apparently caused by incompatible EBCDIC dialects, and have assigned meaningful names to the files and grouped them in directories according to internal evidence.

Download the bcpltape distribution: bcpltape.tar.xz

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