bcplkit - x86 BCPL Compiler Kit port

NOTE: A more capable BCPL compiler for x86 systems is available here: obcpl. This page describes an older distribution featuring INTCODE.

This is an x86 (IA-32) port of a BCPL compiler kit from the Tripos Research Group at Cambridge University. The original distribution dates from about 1980. The compiler is extremely close to that featured in the book: BCPL -- the language and its compiler by Martin Richards and Colin Whitby-Strevens (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1979).

The bcplkit distribution presented here should build cleanly on recent 32-bit FreeBSD and Linux systems. A slightly different version of the same port, intended for V7/x86, has been available for some time, and continues to be distributed separately.

A few features have been added to the original distribution to make the system easier to use: the compiler will look for header files in a standard location, and not only in the current directory, for instance, and programs may do I/O operations to named files, and accept command line arguments.

As an optional extra, the compiler driver is set up to make use of copt, the retargetable peephole optimizer by Chris Fraser, when the optimization (-O) switch is specified, and a suitable copt rules file is included.

Download the latest distribution file: bcplkit-0.9.7.tar.xz.

Download the V7/x86 version: bcpl-0.8a.tar.bz2.

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