The Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK) was developed at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, by, among others, Andrew Tanenbaum and Ceriel Jacobs, and had its heyday during the 1980s. Several years ago, it was released under a Berkeley-style license.

ACK features compilers for both the pre-ANSI and ANSI dialects of C, as well as Pascal, Modula-2, BASIC, and Occam, and supports a large number of CPUs (many now obsolete) including DEC PDP-11 and VAX, Zilog Z80 and Z8000, Motorola 68000/68020, Sun SPARC, and Intel 8080, 8086 and 80x86.

ACK supplies assemblers for each of the supported CPUs, and has its own object format, "ack.out", as well as a complete toolchain of UNIX-like commands.

In this port, revisions have been made to permit compilation on recent versions of Solaris, using the Sun Studio compiler, and general support for Solaris x86 and V7/x86 has been added.

Download the distribution file.